FAN4822IM sop16

FAN4822IM sop16
FAN4822IM sop16
FAN4822IM sop16
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FAN4822  корпус soic16 - контроллер PFC

89,00 грн.


Тип корпуса SMD SOIC16


Режим Average Current
Напряжение старта 700µA
Напряжение питания 12.8 V ~ 14.2 V
Рабочая температура -40°C ~ 85°C
Корпус 16-SOIC (7.5мм ширина)

Average current sensing, continuous boost, leading edge
PFC for low total harmonic distortion and near unity
power factor
Built-in ZVS switch control with fast response for high
efficiency at high power levels
Average line voltage compensation with brownout control
Current fed gain modulator improves noise immunity and
provides universal input operation
Overvoltage comparator eliminates output “runaway” due
to load removal
UVLO, current limit, and soft-start
Precision 1.3% reference
General Description
The FAN4822 is a PFC controller designed specifically for
high power applications. The controller contains all of the
functions necessary to implement an average current boost
PFC converter, along with a Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) con-
troller to reduce diode recovery and MOSFET turn-on
The average current boost PFC circuit provides high power
factor (>98%) and low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
Built-in safety features include undervoltage lockout, over-
voltage protection, peak current limiting, and input voltage
brownout protection.
The ZVS control section drives an external ZVS MOSFET
which, combined with a diode and inductor, soft switches the
boost regulator. This technique reduces diode reverse recov-
ery and MOSFET switching losses to reduce EMI and maxi-
mize efficiency.




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